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What Happens When Parents Don’t Vaccinate Their Children

What Happens When Parents Don't Vaccinate Their Children

Parents have the main responsibility for keeping their children healthy and safe. As part of that responsibility, parents must protect their toddler from diseases, especially the vaccine-preventable ones. They can go to their chosen pediatrician in Maryland if they choose to get a vaccine for their child.

While some parents believe in the power of science, a rising number of moms and dads are resistant to having their children vaccinated even without a medical reason. They do not understand the risks and responsibilities that come with that decision. If you are a parent who is reluctant to go to a reputable provider of newborn care to get a vaccine for your child, then know that there are risks and responsibilities you have to pay attention to.

  • Protecting the Child.

    Some vaccines protect the child against diseases that have serious or deadly complications. Measles and mumps, for example, can cause brain swelling and permanent deafness, respectively. There is also meningitis, which can cause permanent deafness and brain damage. Another one is polio, which causes a child to suffer from permanent paralysis.

    These diseases could be prevented if you allow your child to get an injection from your chosen doctor of pediatrics in Greenbelt, Maryland. Even when they are exposed to sick people who are infected with these diseases, they are well-protected because the vaccine will prevent germs, bacteria, and viruses to invade their system.

  • Protecting Others.

    Your children are not the only ones at risk when you choose not to vaccinate. Other people’s lives are at risk, too. People with medical conditions or weakened immune systems who are not suitable for taking the vaccine themselves are at risk. Newborn babies who are not yet at the right age to get vaccinated are at risk, as well. You are not being considerate of your community when you decide not to vaccinate your children even though they don’t have any medical conditions that would otherwise deem them unfit to receive a vaccine.

  • Your Responsibility.

    If you truly choose not to vaccinate your child, then be responsible. When your child is sick, bring them immediately to a healthcare provider and let them know that the child is not vaccinated. Of course, the best thing that you can do is to change your mind and get the vaccine, though. You can protect your child and your community from vaccine-preventable diseases.

Edge Pediatrics and our pediatric group encourages parents to get the right vaccines for your children. This is the best health protection you can give them, after all. If you need to know more about vaccine-preventable diseases and their corresponding vaccines, then schedule an appointment with us. We will be glad to discuss this in-depth with you.

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