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When Does Your Child Require a Physical Exam?

When Does Your Child Require a Physical Exam?

To ensure a child’s health and growth, parents must visit their chosen pediatrician in Maryland for a physical exam. If a doctor is monitoring a child’s physical well-being throughout their infancy, childhood, and adolescence, then it is not that difficult to diagnose illnesses while they are still at an early stage or provide a cure when illness strikes. The doctor can keep the child up-to-date on their vaccinations, too. Parents, and their children, in particular, can benefit health-wise from visiting the doctor for a physical exam regularly.

As parents, you should know when it is necessary to have a physical exam conducted on your child by your chosen provider of Greenbelt pediatrics. Here are some of the best points to remember:

  • Infants: Children who are less than one year old are considered infants. They are the ones who are more vulnerable to illnesses, thus it is only natural to bring them to a doctor frequently for a checkup. In most cases, the physical exam should be carried out for the first time when the child is two weeks old. The subsequent physicals should be done when the child is two months, four months, six months, nine months, and one year old. During the physicals, the child will be receiving immunization for different vaccine-preventable ailments.
  • Toddlers: When your child is 18 months old, two years old, and three years old, then they need a physical exam, too. During the physical exam, your chosen doctor of pediatrics in Greenbelt, Maryland, will recommend suitable treatments and vaccines they believe your child needs.
  • Kindergarteners: Children who are four or five years old are at the age to go to kindergarten. Most schools require children to go through a physical exam. In this way, they can also ensure that the child is up-to-date with the required vaccination, preventing them from becoming a risk to the other children at school.
  • Six to 11-year old children: If the child is more than five years of age, then there should be no need to go for a monthly physical exam. Doing it every two years is fine unless the child is doing sports or has a chronic condition.
  • Teenagers: Similar to the previous age group, teenagers do not necessarily need to undergo a physical examination as frequently as younger children. Doing it every two years should be enough unless the teenager has a chronic condition or is doing sports.

Edge Pediatrics will make sure that every child receives the right health care services they deserve. Our pediatric group can help you with your child’s physical examination. All you have to do is set an appointment with us! Call us today to schedule a meeting with one of our bests pediatricians.

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