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The Importance of Scheduling Regular Well-Child Visits

The Importance of Scheduling Regular Well-Child Visits

The early years of your child’s life bring changes that are important to their lifelong development. During your baby’s first years, it is necessary to identify potential issues that may compromise their health. This is done through well-baby visits.

These series or well-child checks allow your pediatrician to measure your child’s growth. Each visit provides an opportunity for you to ask questions about your child’s sleeping pattern, eating habits, and other health concerns.

First Exam

The first visit should be done two or three days after bringing your baby home from the hospital. Later visits can be scheduled at 1, 2, 4, 6, 9, 12, 15, and 18 months of age. After that, it is recommended that visits are scheduled at the following ages: 2, 2 and a half, 3, and once a year until age 21.

However, if your child has any specific health concerns, additional visits may be necessary.

What to Expect

If you are a first-time parent, we have listed the most common things you can expect during a well-child visit. Read on below and make sure to take note of each item.

  • Tracking growth
    The doctor will measure your newborn’s weight, height, and head circumference. Your infant’s eyes, ears, mouth, and heartbeat will also be checked. The results will be compared with the normal growth charts for children of the same age. This is also the time to discuss your child’s milestones, social behaviors, and learning.
  • Prevention
    Your baby will get the recommended immunization to prevent common illnesses, such as whooping cough, measles, and mumps. If you have questions regarding your child’s nutrition and safety, it is best to ask your doctor at this stage.
  • Raising concern
    Before going to your child’s appointment, you need to make a list of your top three or five concerns. Well-child visits are the perfect time to raise these questions with your pediatrician in Maryland.
  • Team approach
    Set regular well-child visits to create a stronger relationship with your pediatrician. A team approach helps parents and doctors provide quality pediatric care.

However, there may be other topics that were not mentioned above that could become a regular part of your well-child visit. This typically depends on your child’s overall development.

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